I / Company overview and orientation:

Established in June 2020, up to now, Hung Vinh Phat has been a plastic brand with many choices and attention in the industry. Aiming at scale development and market expansion to many regions, providing diversified products to customers as well as building reputation, creating a growing brand name.

Hung Vinh Phat's products are undergone the process, inspection as well as selection from designs to designs, with a variety of types - items to provide consumers with really smart products and useful. Besides, Hung Vinh Phat is also concerned about the modern needs of customers and the level of satisfaction to take care of its customers in the most dedicated and thoughtful way.

II / The variety in products:

Hung Vinh Phat researches and understands the tastes of the target group, at the same time with the motto of working professionally, conscientiously, providing all items to always be the first choice and unique, trusted by customers. Therefore, the diversification of goods in products is an important factor that Hung Vinh Phat aims to not only provide customers with convenience in consumption but also gradually improve its quality and name.

III / Leadership perspective:

‘As one of the suppliers of plastic products and home appliances made of plastic, we understand and put our position in the consumer's perspective. Putting the attention and listening to customers' opinions first, we always aim to develop Hung Vinh Phat as one of the companies that bring the best quality and the most trustworthy to customers. In addition, we are constantly updating many models, shapes as well as the use of products that are smarter and better suited to the needs of customers. Hung Vinh Phat is not the first company to supply plastic products, but we commit that Hung Vinh Phat will be one of the safest, quality and most trusted plastic companies in the hearts of customers '' - Mr. Nguyen Hoai Thuong, General Director of HUNG VINH PHAT PLASTIC SERVICES AND TRADING CO., LTD


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